Friday, May 1, 2009

New Book will Ignite a Debate About Roosevelt

See today's article in the New York Times for some recent research which is likely to ignite a debate about FDR's response in the 1930s to the persecution of the Jews. I believe it could be "consensus changing" about his response to the persection.


David Ben-Ariel said...

Meir Kahane noted the hypocrisy of Jews who cry about how the Gentiles didn’t do more to stop the Holocaust when the American Jewish establishment failed to lift a finger to help their brethren, and how European Jewish leaders even collaborated with the Nazis!

Never again? Shimon Peres, that bloody vulture who came to power over Rabin’s dead body, sells out Jerusalem and betrays Israel for his German-Jesuit masters. The Jews are their own worst enemy.

StGuyFawkes said...

The NYT article is interesting as much for the scholars who play down this research as for those who accept it.

In either case it seems to go more to the question of where FDR's heart was and less to his success at saving Jewish refugees.

Dr. Lipstadt, since you have read the book and gone on record as supporting its conclusions would you expand upon your statement and tell us why this new work will be "consensus changing".