Saturday, May 2, 2009

Durban II: Professor Dershowitz Explains What He Did at Durban II

Take a look at Professor Dershowitz's explanation of his encounter with Durban II. It's quite revealing.

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StGuyFawkes said...

Well there is no question in my mind that Ahmadinejad is as evil as can be. However, at the risk of seeming petty what struck me about this article was the following. Mr. Dershowitz wrote,

"I first set eyes on Ahmadinejad when he walked into the hotel and waved in the general direction of where my wife and I were standing. We looked back contemptuously as my wife let out an audible hiss."

Can it possibly have helped matters to audibly "hiss" at Ahmadinejad?

Did Mr. Dershowitz really mean to say this?

In a situation like this it would have done more good to simply yell "Shame on you", "Rot in Hell", or something that belongs syntactically to the language of humans?