Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poland and the Jews: A New Era

The Jerusalem Post carries an interesting article on how the relationship between Poland, particularly the Catholic Church, and the Jews has changed.

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Roman Werpachowski said...

I think the article is way too optimistic. Poland is still in denial about the extent and brutality of Polish anti-semitism. The recent discussion of the book "Fear" by Jan Gross showed this. We (Poles) at best act like schoolchildren -- we apologise when caught red-handed (as in the case of Jedwabne), but we do not wish to see the wider context of this or that crime, or how virulent anti-semitism was not limited to lower classes of the Polish society but permeated also Poland's elites, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski being a fine example (I wonder what bishop Zycinski, so praised by Jerusalem Post, would say about Wyszynski's anti-semitism as described by Gross).