Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Warsaw: [2]

Tuesday night

We spent the day in Majdanek and Lublin, met up with a group of Israeli soldiers at Majdanek, and are right now in the midst of heated discussion on the role of the kind of trip we are on and the kind of trips many Israeli and American youth take to Poland.

Does it create a bunker mentality?

Does it make them feel that they are victims? That the diaspora is a place of death?

A lot of vibrant and rather raw feelings are being expressed.

More later.


Ericnave said...

Firstly thank you for your series of blogs on your visit to Poland. Very interesting.

Normally I despise simplistic analogies that attempt to explain an extremely complex set of issues but one of the better (if still flawed) ones I have read regarding why many Jews who have long long ago forgiven Germany are still antagonistic towards Poland was given by a psychologist.

“Children who have been abused by their Father often grow up hating their mother”

Ericnave said...

Somehow I managed to post on the wrong thread. It was meant to be an on-topic post on Warsaw (5) rather than a "left field" post on Warsaw (2). Oh well.