Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stormfront White Nationalist Website Covers My Visit to Auschwitz

Seems that the Stormfront White Nationalist Community website has posted something about my recent trip to Auschwitz. Since you have to register to access it and I have no intention of doing so , I have no idea what it says. However one can imagine the gist because this is the tag line they give it:
Just goes to show you that the really bad ones got away! The Nazi's intended to chase them out of Europe and thereby made the rest of the world miserable!
Nice, no?


Robert86 said...

I don't know why you worry about Stormfront. I am sure their take on anything is impartial and fair.

I know, I could not say that with a straight face either.


Out of curiosity I had a look at the Stormfront site but could find no trace of the article referred to. I was amused by the men-of-steel and waffen ss pen-names of the forum members and the juvenile racist sentiments expressed. If it's respect they crave then let them join USA & UK forces and serve in Iraq. To be frank I don't think they have the personal qualities that Robin Hood and his Merry men could use and the USA Army doesn't want them either? The modern army's of today have outlawed racist behaviour in the ranks, does someone want to tell these overly sentimental, "hillbillys" this?