Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An unrepentant Nazi freely cavorts in Spain and elsewhere: Why is no one charging him?

Instead of spending time on Holocaust deniers, here is someone who European governments should pursue with vigor.



This man is an nonentity in "Prosecution terms". There was tens of thousands like him and because of this the decision was taken by the Allies not to pursue the 'small fish'. From the camp survivors viewpoint this was an insult, insofar as it appeared to pour scorn on their suffering and to ignore the the crimes committed on them and to their immediate families and society in general.

This man is not a 'good German', because if he was he would be full of remorse and anger for the 2 million young German soldiers who died and heartboken at all the beautiful German citys, especially Berlin, destroyed. He appears to forget the 1945 Russian invasion of Germany, the rape of German women and girls, the looting and plundering which took place on both sides, and the after the war suffering that occurred in 'The Fatherland'. All caused by one insane man, Hitler a/k as Schiklegruber. A Londoner would cry if London was ruined, this ex-guard is proud of what occurred to their Londons .

Jeremy Jacobs said...


EU "leaders" are far too busy trying to create a Fourth Reich.

hockey hound said...

'"No Jew was ever killed under Hitler for being a Jew," he said, refusing to elaborate on what he did when posted to the concentration camps of Buchenwald and Dachau in Germany.'

I know what Mr. Hafner deserves, and it isn't jail time. And jeremy jacobs was correct in stating that the EU is busy trying to create the Fourth Reich. Only this time it won't be a Nazi dictatorship; it will be a Muslim caliphate. "Old sins cast long shadows."