Friday, November 23, 2007

Hate crime statistics in the US

According to the FBI there were the following bias motivation crimes in the US during 2006:

Anti-Black 3,136
Anti-Jewish 1,027
Anti-White 1,008
Anti-Male Homosexual 881
Anti-Hispanic 770
Anti-Female Homosexual 192
Anti-Islamic 191



You will always have racism whilst the majority of countries worldwide have 'elite 'military establishments who foster hatred of others disguised as patriotism.

For instance the USA as approximately 1 million army personell, the UK about 110000, and both countries have 'Reserves' of similar numbers. These gross totals represent a huge amount of people who are inclined to put patriotismn first and tolerance of others second. You then have the men and women recruited into our nations Police forces to consider. In the UK all these establishments are hot-beds of underground racism. And this racism continues after these people leave the various national force/s. It could well be that the previous 250 years of increased racism worldwide is in part due to the emergence of massive national defense forces, and as got nothing whatsoever to do with Jews, or other minorities? It would be sobering to know just how many people worldwide leave the Army taking with them racist attitudes developed during their Military Service, and / or how many of them join racist organisations afterwards?

Deborah Lipstadt said...

i am afraid you speak in gross generalities and without any proof of your comments.

In fact, in the US there are many people -- academics, journalists, and members of the military itself -- who contend that the US military is one of the least racist institutions in this country. [Ask Colin Powell.]

I find both your comment and your contention that they take these views with them into the larger world, totally untenable.


Sorry Professor Lipstadt, but we must differ on this. You will appreciate my reasons if you conduct an Google search for 'Racism US Army', and another on 'Racism British Army'. This is the sort of information found:

USA: On a December night in 1995, three white soldiers from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C., got into a car and drove around Fayetteville in search of black people to kill. They happened on a couple out on a stroll. Two of the GIs, Pvts. Jim Burmeister and Malcolm Wright, got out of the car and confronted ……………

USA: In December 1994, the House Armed Services Committee, then headed by Rep. Ron Dellums (D Calif.), published a comprehensive report on the state of racial affairs within the US military. They found that overt racism was commonplace at four of the bases and that inadequate training in racial awareness was a widespread problem.

USA: NAACP meeting: Sgt. Tony Cross denounced the military as a racist institution. "There is a double standard. There is discrimination in the Army," said Cross. The NAACP has raised $21,000 to help him pay legal expenses.

Canada: Some of the troops had renamed Operation Restore Hope, Operation Smash Niggers. The unit's lone black recruit was put on a dog leash and forced to walk on all fours with the words I love the KKK scrawled on his back in human excrement.

Britain: "The Army is an organisation that recruits from some of the most deprived areas of our society," he said. "The young people who come from these backgrounds have often been failed by their parents, the educational system and society. I have no doubt that both sexism and racism remain significant issues, both in deprived areas of the country and in our Armed Forces."

Britain: Soldiers from former British colonies have reportedly decided to form a trade union here to fight racism within the British Army, amid allegations of rising discrimination being ignored by military top-brass. Belize-born Marlon Clancy, who joined the Army in 1999, said that on one occasion, he had been attacked in his barracks by other soldiers dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan. "They were saying they were going to take the 'nigger' to burn. That black people never used to have rights, they shouldn't have rights now," a BBC report quoted him as saying.

Reading the full www articles was rather depressing and I'm not surprised our Nation's Military leadership have down-played the problem. Need I add that in 1880 Russia, the situation was the same and any Jew drafted into the Russian Army was lucky indeed not to be killed. Maybe a book on the subject would not be amiss?


Racism in National Police Forces.

Further to the above post, I also completed a www search on 'Racism Police Force' for both the UK and the USA, predictably far to many hits appeared to list, the following is a brief selection:

Scots Police are to introduce complex psychological tests to stop racist applicants joining the force. The move comes amid fears that racism within the police has been “driven underground” due to heightened awareness of the issue. Scotland’s police chiefs commissioned the tests in response to the BBC’s Secret Policeman documentary, which exposed racism among several trainee police recruits in October 2003. The programme, which showed a recruit at a Greater Manchester Police training college wearing a Ku Klux Klan-type hood, led to separate reviews of the police and race relations in Scotland and England.

Washington DC. African American officers have been historically passed over for promotions in favor of less qualified white officers. One officer recalls a behind-the-scenes embarrassment for the force when its general counsel, John Caulfield, was investigated for using the N-word with a Washington, DC, cab driver. Another remembers the time when Nelson Mandela visited the Capitol and black officers heard their white counterparts joking that they “hope somebody assassinates him.”

Buenos Aires: The year 1997 ended in Argentina with the desecration of gravestones in two Jewish cemeteries in Buenos Aires. A few days before these events a large number of men had been dismissed from the Buenos Aires police force following charges of police corruption. Jewish leaders had reason to suspect that some of the discharged policemen were responsible for the vandalism. This news report deserves greater circulation. See

And finally 'Echo's of Barry, Kurt Franz dog from Treblinka': A police dog has been suspended while investigators try to determine whether the animal has something against black children. The dog, a German shepherd named Dolpho, was cleared two years ago of attacking a child because he was black. But Dolpho was removed from duty on Monday after biting another black child. Dolpho attacked a 14-year-old black girl on Jan. 28 during a crime-prevention demonstration at a school but did not break the youngster's skin. The girl's parents said a white student petted the dog without incident before he attacked their daughter.

This is a worlwide problem and one shudders at what is going on in the 201 Armies and Police Forces of the world which the media ignore. A study of the Nazis tells us that even after their Military service ended those reponsible were still unrepentant and thought Hitler's racism had some noble purpose. [Fairplay]