Monday, November 19, 2007

Egyptian cleric preaches antisemitism to children

If this is what Egyptian children are watching on television than those who look forward to a day of peace are really "dreamers."

Watch the whole 2+ minutes of it. The last lines are the real shockers.

I get lots of "Islam is despicable" emails which I discard in disgust. I have always hated and continue to hate condemnation of an entire people or faith. However, watching enough of this kind of stuff truly tries one's spirit.


hockey hound said...

"Islamic terrorism is indigenous of the religion of Islam, not tangential of it. It is grossly imprudent for the West to naively accept the Leftist academia’s excusatory imposture proclaiming otherwise. Islam’s history, from its violent past to its violent present, is a much ignored proof of this portentous fact." -Michael Devolin

I will never understand, Prof. Lipstadt, why so many scholars (yourself included) are offended at the exposure of a traditional religion (in this case Islam) as culpable for having manifested itself as malefic, violent, and even genocidal, especially when the proof of such identifications are blatently obvious.

Most everyone knows that there are anti-Jewish/anti-Judaism passages in the Koran and in the New Testament, but for some reason it's deemed offensive to point this out in printed word. And I say this with every respect for you, Prof. Lipstadt: I hope my curiousity does not offend you.

I remember relating to a Jewish friend of mine, a survivor of Auschwitz, my experiences at the trial of a Holocaust denier in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This was the much publicized trial of the school teacher Jim Keegstra (a Ukranian Canadian, whom many Ukranian Canadian Christians and their churches supported at the time). My Jewish friend simply shrugged his shoulders and said in dismay, "There are many Jim Keegstras out there." This discomposing reality is the direct result of anti-Judaism theology constructed within the pages of the New Testament. Suffice to say that there are many Osama bin Ladens precisely because of the same reason: a direct result of the much more brazen anti-Jewish rhetoric found in the pages of the Koran.

It is because of the Holocaust and the Jim Keegstras of this world that I am no longer a Christian. It is because of the anti-Jewish verses in the Koran and the Osama bin Laden's of this world that I haven't the slightest measure of respect for the religion of Islam. Anyone, in my opinion, who advocates a faith in either of these religions and their respective gods is hopelessly obtuse and intellectually constricted by a defective conscience.

A happy Hannukah to you and yours, Prof. Lipstadt.

"Do not rely on nobles, nor on a human being, for he holds no salvation." -Psalms 146:3 (Stone Edition Tanach)

hockey hound said...

"So our question is not whether there are good or bad people in every religion. The question is whether any given religion is likely to make one who believes in it a better or worse person than he would have been had he not believed in that religion."
-Dennis Prager

"You cannot judge a religion by its exceptional personalities, but only by how that particlular religion manifests itself within the masses of those who adhere to its tenets. In this respect, Islam has failed mankind miserably."
-Michael Devolin

hockey hound said...

"Islamism represents a majority trend in Arab states and it determined their policy which is influenced by:#1 the negative opinion of Jews expressed in the Quran and the tradition (Sunnah);#2 the Islamization of the biblical history; and #3 the jihad ideology toward non-Muslim people among whom Jews are only a very small minority. For Islamists, the position of Israel is the same as that of China, Russia, India, and the Christian countries. Israel is just more vulnerable. Judeophobia in Islam is not like anti-Semitism in Christianity. It is not one separate element but a component of a whole. It is those three elements mentioned above that determine Arab policy toward Israel." -Bat Ye'or