Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holocaust denier Rbert Faurisson outreach to the Iranians on a White supremacist website

For a long rambling but revealing letter by Robert Faurisson see the website of Storm Front.org, a White power and rather revolting website. Fauri

Faurisson is full of priase for the Iranian effort to deny the Holocaust.

For those of you not in the "know" on these matters [and be happy you are not], Faurisson is the same man who declared that the Diary of Anne Frank must be a hoax because it's written in green ball point pen. It's not.

His many other claims are equally trustworthy.


Kashesan said...

what kills me is that these White supremacists who laud Iranian denial, are just as likely to consider Iranians racial inferiors.

NixonMcVicar said...

Green ink eh ? Funny, I was just wondering if the no-holds barred attack message was a good candidate....

Dave said...

This "green ink" idiocy:

It's almost pointless to demonstrate to Holocaust deniers that their arguments are half-truths, evasions, or just plain lies, because they will ignore the truth and the facts...and then two weeks later, repeat the same argument as if it had never been debunked in the first place.

It's the "Just one proof" nonsense. What would be their standard of "just one proof?" A notarized handwritten order from Hitler to Himmler ordering him to kill 1.4 million Jews at Auschwitz and destroy the holes in the crematoria before shutting down the camp?