Friday, March 24, 2006

David Irving as a metaphor for ignorance

The opening line of a review of in the Music Express, a London based publication reads as follows:
"Aside from the deaf or those in a level of denial up there with David Irving's idiot pronouncements on the Holocaust, everyone's aware that we live in great times for music."

This clearly demonstrates that Irving is being subjected to the worst fate of all for someone who so desperately wants to be taken seriouly: ridicule.


Catamont said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm especially impressed beacuse the New Music Express targets a very young "hip" audience, so the gospel of the Idiocy of Irving is spreading far and wide.

Dave said...

It also means that Irving's Idiocy is obvious to generations that have very little personal connection with World War II and the Holocaust...the type of audience neo-Nazis seek to grab and hold.

Chalk one up for Holocaust education.

Vot said...

I would find cold comfort in being supported by “hip” opinion. What is the essence of hip? Hipsters are people who have an unfounded belief in their superiority to mere mortals based on an ability to like music that most people find painful and amateur and to wear various forms of jesters motley whilst maintaining a discordant expression of alienated aloofness. The “hip” individual is simply someone whose lack of talent and intellect is inversely related to their vanity. Good luck with your army of the hip, you will need it.

david gehrig said...

I remember when the WWII submarine movie "U-571" came out, right after the Irving/Lipstadt verdict, reading a comment that its WWII facts were so incredibly mashed up that they must have had David Irving as their historical advisor.

Narukami said...

History usually suffers at the hands of Hollywood.

The film "U-571" was both obvious and blatant in its "imaginative" use of history.

Some films are less so.

A case in point is "Saving Pvt. Ryan" a film that was authentic to the time but not accurate to the history of the events depicted.

Although the mistakes are obvious to those familiar with this event they are, thankfully not so blatant or egregious as to call Mr. Irving to mind.

Even so they are cause for disappointment, particularly given the film makers' claims that "Pvt. Ryan" would be the most accurate and honest portrayal of these events ever committed to film.

Of course, as the old Hollywood wisdom goes, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.


Kashesan said...

Has anyone seen the History Channel's biography of the Ovitz family of dwarves? They were a travelling troupe of musicains-all dwarves-who were eventually sent to Auschwitz and taken in by Mengele who, of course, studied and experimented on them. Many of them survived the ordeal. Amazing story. The book is called "In Our Hearts We Were Giants" (can't recall the two authors though)

stephenhow said...

The History Channel's "Standing Tall At Auschwitz" program about the dwarves was a little too bizarre for me. I couldn't keep from thinking cynically, and wondering if the Holocaust wasn't Jumping The Shark at that moment ...

Danny Mittleman said...

David Iriving has become a meme for "clueless loser". How just.