Thursday, June 5, 2008

Holocaust Denial on the Internet

Edited June 5: 2: 17 p.m.

Though I don't usually call attention to Holocaust denial sites, I recently came across a site one which exemplifies deniers' attempts to parade themselves as legitimate academics. It would be easy for a student... and maybe even some professors to be bamboozled by this ad.

I put it here as a cautionary note.

A number of people have pointed out that if we send people to the site it will only raise its Google profile. Therefore I would urge you NOT to go to it.

But what you can do is contact Career Builders[] and tell them they are supporting such a site. Urge them to drop their advertising from it.


Dan said...

Did you notice that the site "was brought to you by" They are an online job search site that probably does not know any better.

Here's the info for their press contact person:

Jennifer Grasz
(P) 773-527-1164

Lisa said...

When I went on the site, I saw it was "brought to you by Audible.Com", a very legitimate company. They should also be contacted:

Robert said...

that's all very nice, but aren't these just random ads displayed by the hosting provider???

The site is hosted by
and their abuse reporting tool is here:

cjb address you are reporting is

makalu said...

This site is utterly ridiculous to anyone who is neither a gullible fool nor a closet admirer of AH. Nevertheless, I'm against the outright banning of such sites. Better to let them spew their vitriol and absurdities and bring them out into the open where they can be ridiculed and repudiated.

Robert86 said...

Anyone who knows what sites advocate Holocaust Denial can just look to the left hand side of this page. When I first found this site a while ago, I thought it was legitimate for all of ten seconds when I then saw it citing the Zundelsite and CODOH (hardly "open discussion" on their forums by the way) for information.

Unknown said...

Although normally an OK site, has a lot of 'revisionist' and Anti-Holocaust material. It is presented along side with the regular material as authentic and trustworthy

hockey hound said...

"It is presented along side with the regular material as authentic and trustworthy..."

Such insidious interpolation can be appropriately described as "fly-shit in the pepper."

Please excuse the expletive, Prof. Lipstadt. Couldn't resist!