Friday, January 26, 2007

United Nations Resolution on Holocaust Denial

The United Nations passed a resolution condemning Holocaust denial. Only Iran rejected it. The resolution, introduced by the United States and approved by consensus, "condemns without any reservation any denial of the Holocaust."

While Iran was not mentioned it was clearly directed at it.

The Iranian delegate claimed that it wanted to "study" what happened, as if that is not already going on in spades.

While I am certainly satisfied that the resolution passed, there is something in me that remembers what Anthony Julius, my lawyer in London, once said to me when I was ranting about how preparing for the trial was completely messing up my life [this was before the trial].

He said: "Think of fighting David Irving as you would the shit you step in on the street. It has not intrinsic importance unless you fail to clean it off your feet and you track it into the house. Once you have cleaned it off your feet it's gone."

So too with this resolution. There is in me something that says Holocaust deniers are not worthy of a resolution passed by the UN [whatever you think of the UN]. They are like.... you can finish the sentence on your own.

Just a thought.

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