Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reaction to Latest Austrian Holocaust Denial Trial

The BBC has posted an European press review on the latest Holocaust denial trial in Austria.

Holocaust denier

Austria's Der Standard praises a court decision to hand down a suspended one-year prison term to a former politician for playing down the Holocaust.

John Gudenus, a former member of Austria's upper house, was tried for suggesting that the existence of gas chambers in the Third Reich should be verified. Later he said there had been gas chambers in Poland but not in the Third Reich.

The paper argues that these two remarks are "cynical and humiliating and show contempt for the Verbotsgesetz", Austria's Holocaust denial law.

"He has rightly been convicted for this," it says.

The paper adds, however, that comparisons with Holocaust denier David Irving, who was jailed for three years by an Austrian court in February, are not warranted.

It feels that while David Irving has caused "great ideological damage", John Gudenus is more of a marginal figure who has "learned absolutely nothing from history".

Austria's Die Presse agrees that the two cases are different.

The paper observes that David Irving has written books and "is admired as an icon" in neo-Nazi circles.

John Gudenus, on the other hand, is regarded as an "eccentric", it adds.

The paper believes that, as a result, the jurors did not take him seriously, and "this helped Gudenus in court".

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/04/27 03:09:12 GMT



Anchorage Activist said...

At least Mr. Gudenus is not in jail like David Irving, Ernst Zuendel, and Germar Rudolf. It's still a disgrace the way some of these European governments deal with those who dispute some of the finer points of the Holocaust. No responsible person denies that Jews, amongst others, were the victims of mass murder during World War II. What's in dispute is the precise methods and numbers. And when Soviet archives were opened up, new information came to light.

Galileo was similarly persecuted during the Inquisition for challenging then-conventional notions regarding astronomy.

david gehrig said...

Denier rhetorical boilerplate, right down to the rote reference to Galileo. When will these losers ever come up with a new line of patter?

Sergey Romanov said...

"What's in dispute is the precise methods and numbers."

When one scholar says that 5 million Jews died, while another says 6 million, many of them in the gas chambers - that's not really a dispute. When someone says that 1 million died, and there were no gas chambers (or maybe there were a couple, and maybe several thousands were gassed - but not millions) - he's out there, and he is not even a part of the dispute. He is a crank, pure and simple.

david gehrig said...

Once you step outside the borders of Outer Whackdoodlia, there is no more a "dispute" about the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz than there is a "dispute" that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

I can't help but feel Galileo would be quite tired by now of his role as the default patron saint of wingnuts, weasels, and whackjobs.

Roman Werpachowski said...

Galileo comparisons could be avoided by simply not putting this wackos on trial., only laughing loud at them. Then they could compare themselves with I don't know, Bozo the Clown?