Friday, September 30, 2005

Lipstadt is Atlanta's "Best Local Intellectual"

The critics at Creative Loafing, an Atlanta weekly which featured History on Trial and Prof. Lipstadt on the cover of their April 6/05 issue, have declared Prof. Lipstadt to be Atlanta's "Best Local Intellectual":

Best Local Intellectual: Deborah Lipstadt

DEBORAH LIPSTADT, a professor of modern Jewish and Holocaust studies, is one of the most popular faculty members at Emory. But what really sets her apart is a book written a dozen years ago in which she lambastes one of the world’s most infamous Holocaust deniers, David Irving. Irving turned around and sued Lipstadt for libel in British court, but the judge found in favor of Lipstadt, calling Irving a racist and anti-Semite. Sweet. Lipstadt was back in the news last spring when she refused to allow C-Span to tape a lecture she was giving. Why? The network wanted to air it back-to-back with one by Irving. Seems the battle against Holocaust deniers isn’t over yet.

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