Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ward Churchill says Deborah Lipstadt is the same as Adolf Eichmann

see: http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/newscontent.php3?artid=10532

Long before he called the people in the World Trade Center "little Eichmanns," Ward Churchill had written that there was "no difference.... between a Deborah Lipstadt and an Adolf Eichmann." His comments were prompted by the fact that I do not equate the treatment of the Native Americans with the Holocaust.

For his rather incomprehensible ramblings on this point see:


Anonymous said...

Do I really have to read that junk? Am I right in summarizing that you're Eichmann because he thinks your definition of genocide was insufficiently broad?

Geoff said...

You had me at 'long'. If Ward claimed the sky was blue, I'd ask for a second opinion.

Anonymous said...

Chief Whitey Fakemgood said that? Victims of racism are incapable of racism, even if they're as non-ethnic as melba toast.

David H Lippman said...

All I can think of when I read that was one of my favorite lines from "The Odd Couple," where Felix responds to a gooblahoy by saying, "I don't have the time to unravel your logic."

Anonymous said...

Although I do not agree with Ward Churchill's conclusions, his argument is far from incomprehensible. In this and other articles he has charged that Prof. Lipstadt refuses to acknowledge that genocides perpetrated against native Americans, Armenians, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Rwandans, and other groups are in fact genocides at all. If one believes that these are in fact examples of genocide, and if Lipstadt has refused to recognize them as such, then clearly she is denying these genocides. Although equating historical and philosophical debates to perpetration of the crimes themselves appears ludicrous, this is the very argument put forth in Lipstadt's own, "Denying the Holocaust." She wrote, "Today the bacillus carried by these rats ["Holocaust deniers"] threatens to 'kill' those who already died at the hands of the Nazis for a second time by destroying the world's memory of them." (p. xvii) It doesn't appear to be too far-fetched to believe that Prof. Lipstadt might equate "Holocaust Deniers" with Adolf Eichmann.
The question then becomes, what is Prof. Lipstadt's view on the 'genocides' that Prof. Churchill is concerned about?

Anonymous said...

I have a question i would like you to answer....is Churchill bringing up these other genocides, Native Americans, Armenians, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Rwandans, etc., and your "denial" of them as genocides, as a distraction to the fact that everything else he says is bull****? Is he just trying to find a way to have the last word....or do you in fact deny the previous as genocides?