Sunday, March 16, 2008

Holocaust Hoax: The Co-Author Tells her Side of the Story

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Vera Lee, the woman who helped the Holocaust hoaxer, Misha Defonseca, write her story has added her recollection of events to the mix of this story.

This Misha Defonseca sounds like a real piece of work. And, if Vera Lee is to be believed, the publisher is hardly an innocent.

[There were some problems with the link to Vera Lee's recollections but they have been resolved, I hope.]


Unknown said...

Unable to open link "recollection of events" due to problem with problem in the link. States that you typed in "ttp", when it probably should have been "http".

Deborah Lipstadt said...


AncestralManor said...

I am the researcher who uncovered the baptismal and school records that led to the Defonseca confession in Belgium. I will describe how I did it at the Massachusetts Genealogical Council Annual Seminar on April 26.

I found the keys to this case in the differences between the original Mt Ivy American version and the French Laffont version. Here are the facts.

In 1997 the original US publisher Mt Ivy published "Misha: A Memoire of the Holcoaust Years" where Defonseca claimed that her hidden child identity was Monique DeWael, and included identifiable pictures of what actually turns out to be Defonseca's real identity.

A few months later in 1997, the French publisher Laffont published "Survivre avec Loups" (Surviving with Wolves), where the Defonseca hidden child identity was changed to Monique Valle, the identifying pictures are gone and the story is rearranged.

Defonseca said in the Boston Globe 2001 Mehegan article that this French version was her "real story" in her French native language.

The DeWael to Valle name change and the removal of the photographs from the French edition, published by Laffont, allowed Defonseca to keep the myth going for more than a decade.

In fact, Serge Aroles, the wolf child researcher, had worked with Maxime Steinberg, the Belgian Holocaust historian, to disprove this story, but was unable to find the evidence that we found because they were searching for the wrong name (Valle from the French versions).

My question is, "Who was complicit in making those changes to the French editions?"

Once I released the documents with Defonseca's real birth name, it took only 9 days for her to be forced by the Belgian press to confess.

Sharon Sergeant

Unknown said...

You know, reading Vera Lee's statement --- does it strike anyone as rather bizarre that the woman who started this whole legal debacle by filing the first lawsuit because she was miffed that her name was not going to be on the books cover, now openly states that she was hired as the "ghostwriter"? It's there in her own words and yet it was her lawsuit about her name not appearing on the book that touched off this firestorm.


Jane Daniel said...

Please see for information on the Complaint that was filed in Middlesex Superior Court yesterday on behalf of Jane Daniel against Misha Defonseca. The Complaint and press release are posted on the blog.

Unknown said...

Jane means