Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lipstadt Disagrees with Orac: The President of Iran is crazy.... like a fox

While I agree with the essence of Orac's comments in the previous post, I must strongly dissent from one aspect. I would not describe Ahmadinegad as a loon or a zombie [see Orac's full essay].

The man may say things that sound "off the wall" but, I think, he is crazy like a fox. He knows that this builds him up at home and in the broader Muslim world and gets the rest of the world to pay him attention.

Just imagine what we would think of someone who described Hitler in 1924 or 1935, for that matter, as a loon. Today we would say that they seriously missed the boat.

BTW, I do NOT mean to analogize between Hitler and Ahmadinegad. Based on current behaviors, there is a world of difference between them. However, I do mean to analogize to the world's reaction.


Dave said...

Read the's hilarious and I recommend it.

I do agree with Deborah: the President of Iran is not crazy. None of these guys are "crazy" in the Western sense. They're not stupid. They know what they're doing. Anti-Semitism has been a long and popular hatred in the Muslim and Christian world for only 2006 years. The Holocaust is central to anti-Semitism.

The real goal of Holocaust deniers is twofold:

First, turn it into a non-event, the result of a Jewish conspiracy, so as to rehabilitate Nazism and bring it back to power as a legitimate form of government, and permanently label the Jews as a rolling evil.

Second, to bring the Holocaust back as an event, with the exact same narrative as before, only with it being a humane measure by the German government to rid the world of a nasty bacillus. They will make the Nazis into heroes engaged in a sanitary measure, and the Jews as a sub-human disease.

For Iran and its allies, turning the Jews into the arch-villains of World War II and the Holocaust makes the justification of Israel's existence a fiction and a conspiracy against the true faith of Islam, and that eradicating Israel corrects the mammoth injustice.

After that, I don't think they'll bother to continue with the neo-Nazi program, to rehabilitate Hitler.

But I can see how neo-Nazis would be delighted to see Iran get and use atomic bombs on Israel (via missile) and America (via ship and terrorists). They dream of such conditions, and their "armies" rising out of the destruction to "restore order and discipline," and incidentally, kill all the Jews.

It's a lot of doomsday rhetoric, and unfortunately, I do not have faith that human beings will do the right and moral thing. My experience in life has been that good is usually defeated by the malicious, the bully, the filing clerk, the sadist, the greedhead, the racist, the bureaucrat, the cynic, the thief, the looter, the ideologue, and the intellectual bully (the Mengele type).

I don't believe that people can rise to the demands of their history, a view I share with George Orwell.

Sorry to be such a pessimist.

Orac said...

Actually, there's no reason the President of Iran can't be both a loon and also very clever and ruthless at achieving his aims at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. History has shown us this time and time again.